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Low Registered Capital

Limited Liability

Free & Easy Transferability of Shares

Separate Legal Entity

Tax Incentives

Ease of Raising Seed and Venture Capital

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What is a Private Limited Company?

Private Company is the most prevalent and popular type of corporate legal entity in India. India has recorded 13% growth boosted by investments in the digital sector. Infrastructure and energy deals also propped up M&A deals in India. The government policies and reforms have made India a preferred destination. Marking a major achievement globally, India recorded a 13% growth in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2020 at a time when fund flows declined most strongly, in major economies such as the UK, the US and Russia. Amidst global collapse, China is the only other country that has shown remarkably high FDI growth.

Over 16,000 new firms registered since lockdown, 3,200 in April 2020 alone.

The Covid-19 pandemic may have cast a shadow on the overall business activity, but it could not stop a host of new private companies from coming into existence. Around 16,000 new private companies have been registered since the country went into lockdown.

India and Turkey are attracting record numbers of private company registration in IT consulting and digital sectors, including e-commerce platforms, data processing services and digital payments.

Minimum Requirement for

Private Limited Company Registration

Two Shareholders

Two Directors

No Minimum Capital Requirement

Registered Office Address in India

Unique Company Name

Advantages of Private Company Registration In India

Separate Legal Entity

By Separate Legal Entity, it means the shareholders and directors are separate and there is limited liability on them.

Best and easy form of organization to setup in India

A private limited company is closely held company and it is very easy to register for doing any business activity in India.

No Minimum Capital Requirements

There is no minimum amount of capital which is required at the time of Registration.

Easy Filing

The process is online, and you can register your company without even visiting India. The whole process is online.

Legal Recognition in the eye of law

It is a legal form for doing any business activity in India.

Acceptable form of business registration worldwide

A Private limited company registration is a worldwide recognized format. The process is more or less the same with the company registration in your country.

Process of Registering Private Limited Company in India

Package Inclusions

Drafting of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association

Name Approval of Company

Digital Signature Certificate of 2 Directors

Incorporation of Private Limited Company

PAN and TAN of Company

GST Registration of Company

Assistance in Opening Bank Account

Advisory on Foreign Direct Investment

Filing of FCGPR with RBI

Trusted by Leading Companies Globally

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Private Limited Company

Documents & Registeration Process

Indian Subsidiary Company

Can I do business in India without registration?

No, you cannot do any business in India without taking a valid registration certificate with the Government of India.

What is the form of organization which is best suited to a Foreign National or a Foreign Company in India?

A Private Limited Company or an Indian Subsidiary Registration is the best available form of organization in India to do any business for a Foreign National Individual or a Foreign Registered Entity. The complete process is online and you can register your company with us by just sitting at the comfort of your home.

What is the Meaning of a Private Company Registration?

A Private Company is a closely held company which is managed by its promoters/subscribers/directors.

What is the timeline to register a private limited company?

This depends on how fast you submit the required documents and information with us. If the Director and Subscribers are Indian Nationals, it takes around 15 working days to get the certificate of incorporation.

Is the private limited company registration a valid license to do business in India?

Yes, by registering a private company, you can start any legal business activity in India.

What is meant by the Minimum authorized capital in case of private limited company i.e. is it INR 1 Lakh?

No, as per the latest amendment there is no minimum capital requirement. The Capital of the company can even be INR 2.

What is a legal status of a Private Limited Company?

A Private Limited Company is an Artificial person in the eye of law which is control, run and managed by its Directors and Shareholders. It has a resident status in India, and it is deemed as a person for all purposes.

Validity of the Private Limited Company Registration?

Once registered, it is a lifetime validity of the private limited company registration certificate.

What is a limited liability Protection in the Private Limited Company?

Limited liability protection is likely to responsible only to the limited amount of the debt in a Private Limited Company. It means your personal assets are separate from the company liabilities.

Do I need to hire your company after registration of the Company?

It is not mandatory to hire us, but you will need to hire one professional firm to manage the compliances of the Company on an annual basis. We also provide the Annual Compliance services if you like our services you can choose us.

Is it mandatory to appoint one Indian Director in the Company?

For registering the Company with government, Indian Director is not required but for compliance purpose after incorporation, Indian Director is required to file the various returns with the Government of India.

Is it mandatory to obtain PAN in India if I am not an Indian Resident?

No, if you are a foreign national and resides in foreign nation, PAN is not mandatory.

Can I open a Company Bank Account in India after registration?

Yes, after registering the Company, you can open a bank account with any bank in India.

What is the meaning of registered office?

A registered office is a place where the Company shall put a board of the Company and keep its books of accounts. It should be situated in India. Moreover, at a place (State) where you plan to open an office in India.

Can a Company be registered at a residential address?

Yes, you can register your company at the residential address in India. There is no issue, you need only the utility bill and Rent Agreement copy of the same.

What should I do if I do not have any address in India for office?

If you cannot provide any Indian address, we can help you in maintaining the office for the aforesaid purpose subject to the applicable charges and taxes.

Can I change the Registered address after incorporation?

Yes, you can change your registered office locally any time after the registration process is completed.

After registration when can I start my business?

Once the certificate of incorporation is issued you can immediately open a bank account and transfer the share capital money. Once it is transferred there is one form INC-20A which is filed with the govt. authorities. This form can be filed within the same day when you deposit the share capital money in the bank account. Post receiving the money, you can start the business activities.

What is Form INC-20A?

It is a form which is filed for taking the permission to start the business operations in India.

Is GST Registration mandatory for a private limited company?

GST Registration is optional till the 20 Lakh Rupees turnover and for North East state 10 Lakh Rupees turnover. It’s a separate registration apart from Private Limited Company registration.

What is an Indian Subsidiary Company?

An Indian subsidiary Company is a type of a private limited company where 50% or more than 50% shareholding is acquired by any other Company.

What is a wholly owned Indian Subsidiary Company?

Wholly owned Indian Subsidiary Company is a type of private limited Company whose entire shareholding essentially is hold by any company registered outside India. If you run a business in any other country and you have registered your company in your country, in that case you can establish your company in India with your business name and you can route your investment through your Company to the Indian Company.

Can a Company become a shareholder of any private limited Company?

Yes, a Company can become a shareholder in another Company.

Can a Company become Director of any private limited company?

No, a Director should be an individual person. Therefore, Company being an artificial person cannot become a Director of another Company.

What documents will be required from my company to become a shareholder of Indian Subsidiary?

Your Business registration certificate and one Individual authorized representative document as mentioned for individual subscriber will be required for Indian Subsidiary registration.

What is Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)?

FDI means foreign direct investment into the share capital of an Indian registered company. Where the shareholder of a private limited company remits the money to the Bank account of an Indian Company, it is termed as FDI.

FDI or Local Investors are allowed to invest in the private limited company?

Yes, Venture capitalist firms or angel investors are allowed to invest in the private limited company.

What is an apostile certificate?

In simple language it is a certification/authentication process of documents. When a foreign director or shareholder wishes to apply for Directorship or acquire shares of an Indian Company, he should provide all his documents apostilled and notarized by the lawyer of his own country.

Our team can also help in completing this process.

Registration with the Startup India is Possible?

Yes, with the private limited company registration under startup India is possible. Simply register your private limited company and register with the Startup India portal.

If I am working in any private company as Job so can I register as director?

Yes, you can become director of the company if you are not bounded with any employment contract for the same. For the more details must check your employment agreement.